Fibre: Reel to Real

After a longish stretch of fine, dry and bright weather, it was entirely predictable that the day for the blowing of the first fibre in our network would see the weather revert to type, dark and soggy was the order of the day – the Scots word “dreich” covers it beautifully.

But, with Brandon and Simon from our ISP partner, Bogons, on site, and with the much appreciated loan of Monachyle Mhor’s mobile restaurant, we were at least able to start the day in front of a log fire.

Starting from the high point of the current dig, at Stronvar Farm, we’ve now got the first blow done, with more than a kilometre of backbone fibre now in the ducts. Consumption of tea and bacon butties continues apace.

Short of the coming of the Apocalypse (or Storm Caroline), we’ll be carrying on tomorrow, with the aim of hooking up the cabinet, getting the first properties connected and installing a wifi access point in the mobile restaurant. 


4 thoughts on “Fibre: Reel to Real”

    1. Thanks Shaun, and thanks for all you’ve personally done to try and help, from within a truly insane bureaucracy.

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