Not Quite Believing It Department…

Here we go, and all that: our first speed test from the WiFi hotpoint that’s now been set up at the cabinet. Eleven years, Eleven years of blood, sweat and toil, enlivened by the occasional broadside at BT, the Scottish and British governments and their agencies.  Now we’re just waiting for the splicer to turn up and splice the, ah, mainbrace and we’ll have the first houses connected: at the moment, fibres are dangling tantalisingly down the interior wall. 

(And it’s “only” showing 400Mb/s because it’s on WiFi rather than a wired connection…)

And there’s a seriously sub-zero working party scheduled for tomorrow, to get the ducting installed between Tulloch/Dhanakosa and the village. At least it’s the sunny side of the glen.

And, above, a shot from Thursday: note at left the Openreach bloke up a pole, doing random stuff with 19th Century copper, whilst, at the right of picture, that’s us blowing 21st Century fibre to the houses. I wonder where the future lies?

2 thoughts on “Not Quite Believing It Department…”

  1. Balquihiddar showing the way! I have such scorn over the media and BT marketing spin about ‘Super Fast Broadband ‘ I’ve just been upgraded to 72 Mb/s …. oooh! wow! Soooo Fast.! Meanwhile you folks who don’t take no for an answer, get sleeves rolled up and ‘get to it’ achieve what should be the Super Fast standard! Friends in Nottinghamshire are doing just the same thing …. what sort of wool is being pulled over our eyes?

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