More Communities Going Gigabit

From one unpronounceable place to another – congratulations to Michaelston y Fedw, between Cardiff and Newport, for getting their project together and delivering fibre broadband to their local community: yet another place going where governments and BT won’t, and going far beyond the capabilities of the BT/Openreach monopoly. Nicely done, folks.

One thought on “More Communities Going Gigabit”

  1. Congratulations on winning your award.
    Michaelston y fedw internet are a finalist in the EU broadband
    awards 2018 , winner to be announced on 19th Nov..
    Our schemes are so similar, we have plenty of rocks as well as 2 river crossings We will complete this years connections in next couple of days 175 in total Carina will have done over 1000 splices!! But the most important resut is that it has brought the village together as you know so well.
    Thanks to B4RN and Chris Conder for starting us on this stupid but so rewarding journey !!
    Congratulations again, we know better than anyone what effort has been needed to achieve what we both have done.
    Brin Richards

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