Light Relief…

Well, that’s us received our first abuse letter, I assume in response to our piece on Radio 4 the other day.  It’s a postcard berating us for seeking funding for “Big Boys’ Toys”, from someone who clearly regards the telegraph (not, please note “The Telegraph”, although both may be true) as a new-fangled invention of the Devil. We were going to reply but our stone chisels are a bit blunt at the moment – we’ve been trying to work out how to build this wheel thingy…

Dear Beachcomber, we’re very glad, if a tad surprised, to hear that you’re still alive and venting. Keep it up.


One thought on “Light Relief…”

  1. For your amusement. Our village historian, on going through the parish council records, found they had voted against having mains water! In response to a similar letter to the above?

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