Broadband in Balquhidder

The lack of effective broadband provision in the local area has been an issue since early Celtic times: engravings on local standing stones indicate regular sacrifices of proto-human network executives to propitiate the gods of connectivity. Little has changed since and multiple attempts have been since made to improve the state of local communications. Given  just how critical effective broadband is to economic and social development and the sustainability of rural communities, it may be time to reintroduce human sacrifice…

The report attached to this post outlines the state of broadband provision in Balquhidder and the level of demand for services. It was originally written in 2007 and includes a comprehensive local survey, carried out by Balquhidder resident  Catriona Oldham, as well as a summary of the geographical and infrastructure issues specific to the area. That was ahead of the then Scotgov project which involved BT being given hundreds of millions of pounds in public money to do, apparently, damn all. It may now be time to reintroduce those old Celtic rituals.

The report has been updated several times since and may be downloaded as a PDF, here.





One thought on “Broadband in Balquhidder”

  1. Hi, I represent a small community in southern Scotland, Tweedsmuir, which is hoping to embark on a similar scheme to yours and wondered if we could meet your representatives at some point for some guidance re your project. We would very much like to visit you to see first hand the remarkable work you have done.
    Best wishes, Paul Greaves, secretary, Tweedsmuir Community Council.

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