Early September Update

First off, apologies for the absence of reported news lately, due to work, holidays and people actually being out and digging the network. Which is not the same as an absence of news, honestly!

Since the May/June update, rather a lot has been done, including:

  • Completion of the network ducting and fibre lay all along the South side of Loch Voil, from Stronvar to Monachyle Mhor
  • Laying of the North side network ducting and fibre from the village as far as Danakhosa.
  • Connection of the first properties in the village
  • Completion of connections to properties at Gart and Gartnafuran
  • Completion of most connections to properties at Ballinluig
  • Connection of the first properties in the village proper
  • Connection of the most remote and disconnected property in the glen: Bealach, on south Loch Voil. So welcome to the 21st century, Alcuin, Abbey & family!
  • Laying of duct and fibre between the Old Post Office site and Stronslaney, across Loch Occasional (property connections will have to wait for the rest of the network to meet up with it)
  • Progress with the legal wayleaves for the route and final route surveying for the run from the village to Mhor 84, Balquhidder Station and onwards to Edinchip

With completion of the runs to Tulloch and blowing of more fibre in the village, we are now at the stage of having:

  • Laid around 15km of the backbone network, with only 3-4km remaining of our core loop around Loch Voil and down to Mhor 84. Another 14km or so will then be needed to connect the outlying properties at Inverlochlarig, Immeroin and Edinchip.
  • Laid ducting to 62 properties
  • Blown fibre as far as 61 of those properties
  • Connected 39 properties

That is of a total of 197 potential connections in the glen (if everyone took the service and every plot was built). As of now, it looks as though we’ll have about 158 properties actually taking a connection from us, about 80% of the whole glen, and well up from the 60% who said they were interested at our first public meeting in 2015.

And, with the fibre laid to another 22 properties, we’re hoping to get as many as possible of those connected this week, starting 12 September, with another tranche of splicing being carried out.

As for getting towards Mhor 84 from the east side of the village, we’re just waiting to confirm a wayleave from the church before we can proceed – we don’t anticipate any issues there.

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