Covid-19: Remote Working

It does look increasingly likely that an exponential rise in the incidence of Covid-19 is imminent/under way. We’re already fairly lucky here, given our relatively low population density and distance from population centres but, for those who normally commute to work, today’s Financial Times (behind paywall) notes that companies are massively expanding remote working (something they should be doing anyway, as part of their climate change planning), but that they have concerns:

“While most banks have ample capacity for staff to access internal networks remotely, senior bank executives are concerned about broadband capacity at their employees’ homes, which is not as fast as at the banks and could be slowed down even further if their children are also off school watching streaming services such as Netflix.”

So if anyone’s employer is trying to work out their remote working policy, you might wish to reassure them that, here in Balquhidder, our broadband performance is at least as good as that of most corporations’ internal networks, is 26x faster than the UK average download speed and 138x faster than the average upload speed (upload speed being just as important as download for remote working). So, be safe and carry on working, whilst enjoying your coffee, views, cats, dogs…

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